Gumpcom LAN 23 14/11/08 Highlights

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Gumpcom LAN 23 14/11/08 Highlights

Postby martinmir » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:43 pm

Okay, so you might have read something about Multiwinia being present at the Gumpcom Lan 23. Now the original date got cancelled due to the building leaking from the rain. Gumpcom survived this episode and went ahead with the event shortly after the buildings damage was repaired and checked by inspectors.

With many LAN centers closing down around the UK, we felt we needed to support an event with a worthy cause so we decided Gumpcom was the right event. Have a look at some of the pictures that were taken at the LAN event.

Here are some of the comments which were left by the players who got involved in the tournament and came to the event.

Liked the comps again especially Multiwinia, not just because I won but I think its a really well thought out game. Most RTS games bore the shit out of me with too much complex bollocks to learn. This one has very similar feel to chess, simple easy to follow rules and all the complex stuff happens in your head. Thanks to the guy in the final. had to be the closest game of anything ever. I'll defo check out the rest of introversion's stuff now that I won it.

Multiwinia - It was a pretty fun game and enjoyed playing it but a disadvantage to it was that if u were attacking you got pumped and defending seemed too easy.

When I first got the key I had a little blast and didn't really like playing it on my own. It was too random and despite being fun for a few rounds it got boring really fast. Then Kuf and I played a few and it was a little better but again, boring after a few rounds.
At the LAN however, I loved it! Because there was an actual goal to winning and its such a tactical, simple game like Kuf mentioned. Hope there is more of it at the LAN and another decent game from introversion

Much like DEFCON, I don't think this will get played much away from the LANs or random fun games online, but it's still a really nice, simple, intense RTS. My game against Kuf was great fun, I fraps'd the whole thing and I'll encode it at some point, perhaps that could be of interest to Introversion to see how a new player interacts with the game?

Multiwinia... On assault the host gets to defend which is impossible to break! No more assault for future tourneys!!!

The main problem with assault is that there is no scoring system besides whether you manage to reach the WMD or not. What that means is if we played once on each side, you would just end up with a draw unless someone was particularly lucky / good and managed to rush the WMD. In situations with a draw, if we had some other metric like how close you managed to get to the WMD, the scoring would be a bit more realistic.

dump assault, Capture the statue has enough to see the tourney through to the final where Rocket Riot was perfect

Cap the statue was funny, and rocket riot is the perfect closer.

The pictures paint a thousand words and we will continue to support these great LAN centres.

Stay posted for details of future LAN events.

The next online tournament will be the Multiwinia & Logitech G15 Tournament 27/11/08 3-9pm.

Click on the following link to find out more and how to register. ... php?t=2389
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Postby jelco » Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:33 pm

Hmm, shame the pictures are so blurry. Martin, could you maybe post thumbnails in the post and link to the full resolution pictures? It takes a lot less time to load and won't stretch the page. ;)

It's great to see that Multiwinia catches on really good for these big LAN events even to people who are unfamiliar with it (let alone people who generally even have a dislike for RTSes). It's probably true what they say that Assault is the least fit of all game modes for competitive play, but other modes (especially CTS) look, feel and play like they were designed specifically with competition in mind.

Let's see what differences we end up with at the online G15 tourney - a non-LAN competition usually plays out very differently but has its own charms. :)

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Postby aldaris » Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:31 pm

Is it me or did I see the multiwinia ladder on one of the computers in one of the pics?
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Postby Orange Soda » Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:16 am

aldaris wrote:Is it me or did I see the multiwinia ladder on one of the computers in one of the pics?

methinks I did too

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