Once again, Introversion Software needs your help

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Once again, Introversion Software needs your help

Postby Chris » Fri Aug 30, 2002 12:00 am

As part of the run up to Christmas, we will be organising a few adverts and posters to go up in various places and magazines. We've been running an advert in some UK games magazines for a few months now, but we're a little bored with it and we fancy a change.

We've also been in discussion with some professional advertising companies, but they simply exist in a different financial scale to us. We just can't afford their services. So, just when we thought we'd be using the old adverts forever, we remembered the Uplink community ;)

In short, we want you to design a poster advert for Uplink. It will need to match our specs to a certain extent - but you'll be free to come up with any theme or style or design that you like. We will be running this competition indefinately until we get the winning entry - although time is already running out for the run up. What prize will we offer? If we like your poster enough then we'll be using it on all of our future adverts. This means Games magazines, Tube stations, shops etc. We are even considering a package redesign, which would use the same theme.

We really are stuck on this issue - if you have the artistic eye or if you have friends that do then please help us out. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, click here for the full details.

In other news

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There is a review of Uplink on CaseModWorld. Click here to read it.

Einstein organised a set of twenty questions with the Introversion Team a while ago, but his site has suffered a few problems recently so they have shown up on Icepick's Modlink site. Click here to have a read.

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