Another request for talent

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Another request for talent

Postby Chris » Fri Oct 12, 2001 6:22 pm

Our hits are through the roof today thanks to a brief mention on Penny-Arcade. Its quite likely that a number of new visitors will be joining from there, so make 'em feel welcome on the Forum. A lot of people have received the full game now and we are getting lots of feedback - thanks to everyone who has sent us positive (and negative) feedback. The discussion on Hard Forum was great - people were talking about the entire game in quite some depth.

Just before we launched we put out a request for Uplink related media - pictures, logos, music, short stories etc. There must be loads of talented artists out there who can start putting things together. I would personally be very interested to read a story set in the Uplink world - most of the high-tech science fiction around today is set in the traditional cyberpunk future. Impressive entries will get a good mention on this site. Send your work (zipped please) to [][/url]

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