Uplink hits the Linux community

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Uplink hits the Linux community

Postby Chris » Wed Oct 03, 2001 12:40 am

For most of yesterday we enjoyed record numbers of hits, thanks to a mention on LinuxGames. Cheers guys! We always imagined Linux users would be receptive to the ideas in Uplink - which is one of the reasons why we decided to port it in the first place. One of our team is also a die-hard Linux user/coder, and he insisted we not forget about the penguin.

Also, Holarse (German Linux site) have written a short piece about us. You can view it here. Use the Babelfish if you don't speak German. It does a fairly bad job of translating the article due to the technical wording of it, but the meaning is mostly obvious. I did wonder about this translated line though (I think I know what the author meant ;)

"One can along-manage besides with the stock market, which or diplomas of other humans modify detention pages, cash of a bank on the other hand to transfer or on your own account."

We also seem to have attracted the attention of "Avatar" at the Evil3D web site. This site deals with Linux and 3D games mostly. Everytime we look at the web stats we see another site that is linking to us, bringing traffic in. Tell the whole world about Uplink!

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