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Call for creativity

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2001 6:41 pm
by Chris
Writing that article got me thinking...there is very little decent fiction in the area of this game. As far as i'm aware, the only real existing story books about hacking are Neuromancer (William Gibson), Snow Crash (Neil Stephenson) and Otherland (Tad Williams). All are set in a full 3d immersive version of the Internet, rather than the basic trimmed down vision of Uplink. If anybody knows of any others please let me know.

What i'd really like to see would be writers and artists producing short stories and concept art from within the Uplink world - use the basic themes as a starting point and roll your own ideas in there. There must be some talented artists and writers reading this site right now, who have some nice ideas. I'll post the best entries up here for others to look at.