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New Beta versions available

Postby Chris » Fri Aug 10, 2001 12:00 am

A new version of Uplink - version 0.98, is now available for download. This time we've finally done the cross-platform thing right, which means the Linux version has been updated as well. Click on the Uplink Demo button to download.

This new version has a massive set of changes, and lots of bug fixes - see the file changes.txt for a complete list. This version should be much more stable than the last. Our Beta testers will all receive the latest patches for the game very soon, and should start testing it for new bugs.

It won't be long now - we anticipate that Uplink will be available to buy "soon".

Biggest changes

- Entirely new call-bounce system (no more bouncing through every node on your map).

- Over three megs of memory leaks cleaned up - should help sort speed/stability problems

- Fixed bank code - no more unlimited loans or transfers into your own accounts.

- Fixed class A bug, which caused game crashes during heavy screen activity - such as file copying, deleting etc.

Our thanks to everyone who tested the 0.97 Beta for us.

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