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Beta testing update

Postby Chris » Thu Jul 26, 2001 9:51 pm

The current Beta test of Uplink is yielding some very interesting problems and bugs, all of which I am noting down and trying my best to fix. It would appear that we have the compatability issue nailed - nobody has yet been unable to run Uplink on their system. There are a number of crash bugs, mostly related to mission completion. There are also some gameplay issues - ie the fact that you can open multiple bank accounts and take out multiple loans until you are rich. Both types will need to be sorted, although the latter is much easier than the former.

Uplink also has quite a few memory leaks - all of which are now fixed. This should cure a few sporadic crashes, and should improve the overall performance of the game. People who thought the game slowed down after an hour or so should notice this problem is now gone - it was caused by memory leaks.

Finally, there are a couple of possible gameplay additions for the full game. A few people have suggested you should have an account on a system before you bounce through it. Definately more realistic, but it might be quite a difficult concept to grasp for someone new to the game.

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