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moving aircraft

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:46 am
by spooq
I set an aircraft on its way with

m_game->SetActionTarget(m_game->GetOwnUnits()[0], -1, m_game->GetLongitude(m_game->GetOwnUnits()[0])+5.0f, m_game->GetLatitude(m_game->GetOwnUnits()[0])-5.0f);

where m_game->GetOwnUnits()[0] is an airfield.

But then none of SetActionTarget(), SetMovementTarget() or SetLandingTarget() have any effect on the plane? It simply flies to the target set by the airfield, then returns home.


Noone has ever moved an aircraft?

I'll try a boat, although that means getting involved with the fleet code.