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sound issue fedora 16, No available audio device. [FIXED]

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:23 pm
by W(p)

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ALSA lib dlmisc.c:236:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/
Failed to open audio output device: "No available audio device"terminate called without an active exception
./defcon: line 46:  5470 Aborted                 (core dumped) $here/lib/defcon.bin.x86 "$@"

I had this issue (the game dumping core immediately after starting) and I would like to share a solution:

remove from lib and the game should run. It has sound, I'm not sure if there are any crippling effects from removing this file.

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:56 pm
by Urgentemente
Thanks for this,
I just updated from Fedora 14 to 16 and just fired up Defcon, got that same error. I renamed the libvorbis file you mentioned and Defcon started up.

I wonder if there's a fix that doesn't involve losing the sound tho . .

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:48 pm
by W(p)
you don't have sound with this? I didn't lose it after I did this.