sk236 vs [demo] Nato

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sk236 vs [demo] Nato

Postby odstjj75 » Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:35 am

about the same as last time, he had the advantage he obvisiouly didnt care how many bombers he launched and how many got destroyed. i had a great defense. seriesly look at the pictures and if your ever going against Asia use this defense. it even worked against highly synchronized ICBM launches. it proved perfect. the game was great. i actually destroyed his navy, he was using his subs as basically sensors he didnt bother moving them he just set them up on active and left them there. to die. i sent in like battle ships first and as soon as they were reciving sonar and sub fire i told them to flank Hard right. and the carrier on anti sub mode go right towards the subs they went up in there, killed all the subs. and i noticed on my advance he was actually launching SLBM's at me and MRBM's it was crazy like dodging nukes, as soon as i saw a launch i would flak left and scramble my fleet. kinda got hectic with 5-6 nukes coming at you. was fun thou. well i preetty much took down his entire navy just a few ships left over so carriers my navy is gone. but i got nothing but subs i set them up. and while there on the way im launching icbm at his silos and bombers i succesfully take down 3 of them, subs in position silos out. i start my Nuclear Bombardment highy synchronized SLBM launches. just decresaing Chinese Population, well in the begining he was launching massive wave of bombers and well alot got throw, took down my population by a land slide, i was in the negatives when i started firing my subs off. Well eventually that turns around and i gain a higher score. It was great not but 2 subs were taken out, i just inched them on the antarctic islands, and as soon as it was time got them where they needed to be. without any obstacles.

well he leaves. once again a demo, im starting to become really prejudice towards them. he leaves and i whoop his ass. panzy.

check it. ... 2-2601.jpg ... 2-2602.jpg ... 2-2605.jpg

6wins. 4 losses :[
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Postby Vicious » Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:39 am

I like the last 3 comments you make :), well done

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