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DEMO Lord Vader Vs Sk236

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 5:25 am
by odstjj75
game going good he wipes out my navy, than is just popping random nukes off from his silo, well in the end as you see here he had some subs off to the side next to madagascar.

he surfaces them as soon as i bluff launching all my silos. i switch them all to launch mode shoot off 1 nuke from each silo. and switch them back to defense mode. and as soon as i do that he launches his entire stock at me. subs surface get wiped out by bombers. nukes get launched ultimatley no silo destroyed a few hit. and i just stay in defense as soon as the fire stops, i fire mine off all within one second of one another so a fully synchronized launch. some bombers launch. picking their way throw, sacrifce a few for some more. and boom.

than he just leaves. not lagged out, Left.
Demo Lord Vader, You suck. stop playing.
i wish i had taken more pics. but i was into the game.

is that a good defense?