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Bug, Hack, or What? (Disappearing Nukes)

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:59 pm
by - Tobias -
What was it that caused this game to go into limbo, where the timer never started?

In game I noticed some unusual events:
1) The Russian sub launch seemed strange to me because there were no targets in range from where he was firing. What was he launching at with so many nukes I wondered?
2) I kept waiting for the nukes from two silos and a bunch of subs to land somewhere, and they never did.
3) The timer never started.

Watching the recording is equally mysterious. Around 2:50 two silos and a bunch of subs launch nukes, but they are not shown. For each "Launch Detected," there is ... nothing. I have never seen this before. Has anyone else?

Later in the game, the player (stony) disconnected, and the silo nukes behaved normally. But, it seems like the batch of "non-existent nukes launched to nowhere" were sufficient in number to hold the timer in perpetuity.

Again, has anyone ever seen this before? Any explanations would be appreciated.

Game recording: ... 5-09.dcrec

Re: Bug, Hack, or What? (Disappearing Nukes)

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:02 pm
by Rad Poison
without having watched the .dcrec, there are indeed some weird cases when nukes launch and don't detonate.
They remain in the 'air/void' and don't count towards the timer-trigger. Your observations seem to point towards something called nuke bunking.

Those are the bugs i know of which cause 'lost nukes':

-a specific spot or a line in the pacific where units/nukes lose their pathing, fly around in circles and never land. (should be possible everywhere where pathfinding is bugged)
-use ICBM on the very same silo you're firing from. (they launch but never detonate OR silo kills itself and contained nukes don't subtract from total count)
-the above except with subs.
-send armed bombers to heaven/hell/space may also do it.

So yeah, those are known bugs and usualy punished if exploited.