[important] need everyone's help ;thanks

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Postby Eral » Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:20 am

[SS]V 1 C 1 0 U S wrote:can u guys be serious in any threads or not :)

Are you kidding me?...
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Postby Vicious » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:02 am

Yes lol
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Re: [important] need everyone's help ;thanks

Postby Gulidar » Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:57 pm

Eral wrote:
Gulidar wrote:
wu.j China wrote: Imformation I need
Name in game:
Real name:
Imformation you choice
Personal Website:

I think you are KGB^H^H^H FSB agent.

FSB is now an instrument of russian capitalisto-arictocratie. I'm sure it's not that.

But i'm sure, we all are registered by specialised agent of "chinese strategically top secret defense of aerial space center units for who-wants-to-kill-who secret service" and maybe more -who knows?! They prepare war vs russia or usa certainly :) They need maybe too our brain (maybe not yours vic... :wink: ). Anyway it's a wordlwide conspiracy and the truth is outhere :lol:
If you give me your credit card number i could send you the evidences cause my secret works need money you know...

Ok...i'll send you a few infos those days. Just i will not let you my real name cause i don't know what and who cares about it. And i don't want to be in chinese secret services papers. Some poeples here knows already i'm (irish) coffee addicted...

No, no, its FSB agents trying to find who i am and kill me for all my piracy and providing people with extremistic ideas and information! They think i am relaxed enough here to be tricked by some "hello, im from china, so you may freely talk to me and tell me your name, i wont be able to use it agaisnt you anyway coz im in china" man, but i am not a fool. I am prepared. I know who you are, wu.j China. My axe is ready to spill blood for the Blood God, so if you want some real information about me - come and get it! :evil:
But be sure to come at least with a company of spetsnaz, or else i dont guarantee you a good health after this.
What is the death of one world in the cause of purity?

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