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Love Y'all

Postby Vicious » Sun Oct 11, 2020 11:49 am

Well..its 2020. What a time to be alive. Corona virus, riots, and presidential elections yet again. I've come on here for nostalgia purposes, luckily for me I've found my password information for this account at least. Can't seem to remember my DTNC Vicious account password, nonetheless looking back over all the old posts and threads from 2007 onwards..all the ladder matches it honest put a tear in my eye. Lots of good times with good people, lots of fun memories and many hours spent up late with everyone from all corners of the planet, all different timezones, all different backgrounds and lives. The period I played defcon actively was some of the best time I've ever had regarding my computer playing career.

I miss those ladder match 2v2s, or really intense 1v1s when there was like 20 people speccing it
Cant forgot fun late night 3v3s and the trolly Diplomacy games
Even miss that little server break room (waiting room) essentially we had, where we went to coordinate upcoming matches or just shoot the shit

SFCON, Group6, Vsj serves all fantastic

It's crazy to think I started this game in 2007 - its now 2020. 13 years later and now I'm 28 (Birthday was sept 19), and I'm now in my first year of law school. When I started off on this game I was just barely finishing high school and very immature (as many of you remember troll vic ;) ) , now I graduated college with my bachelors of science, masters degree, and now in law school.

Just wanted to say hi and this will probably be my last post ever :cry:

It was an honor to spend many hours with everyone, all the pals from way back....Ace Rimmer, Battletron, Krunk , Senator, MOR, Mr.Mot, Zoro, Megadeath, Arst, Nuclear Cocaine, 47, Legion, Sfericz, Edward, Lord Haw Haw, LSWP, Hound, Julian, Why?, Endless, mvpe (The original mentor), R3d, Forever Young, Yellow cake, Cumiro, Rad Poison, Unitedair (UA) , beni, Alabama Hammer, Legendary, Cows, Mojo, Eral, Freezer :), Max the Master, Xan Kriegor, Tom Busch - USA, Sony, Hoov, Kudayta, Slo, David (AE), Baton, Vsj, CZA, Abusive Mouth(DantesInferno), Jon [IL], Byron, Drunk Mum, General Ivan, Stealth Mode, xb-70, pwnbroker, rus|mike, Toast, Gulidar, StifflerStyle, iRadiated, Mogwai, W.u. J China, Tsar Bomba, Shai Hulud, ynbniar, Hyperion, Blackbeard, Cobra Commander, Tobias, |l||ll||l||lll|

I'm probably missing A LOT of y'all still but you get the jist (sorry whoever I left out, was 3:30 AM while I was doing this)

Hope everyone had/is having a great life and continues to have one

I still get on steam when I can. Play counter strike or War Thunder when I can
add me if u want

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Re: Love Y'all

Postby Colytic » Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:03 am

Damn Vic, after I did all your C++ coursework for ya, you forget my name :lol: Kidding. All the best to you for the future buddy.
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Re: Love Y'all

Postby Noryb » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:54 am

I certainly got some nostalgia looking at all those names.

Happy (very) belated birthday :D
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Re: Love Y'all

Postby Frozen Chozen » Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:22 am

great to hear you are doing well... im running a diner with my family in North Pole Ak... Little Richards

Be well,


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