Why do the interceptors "circle" the incoming warheads?

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Why do the interceptors "circle" the incoming warheads?

Postby jmr106 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:59 pm

I have been playing for years and love the game, but I have always hated the way the interceptors work. Some hit dead-on directly and others basically orbit the warhead 5-10 times from halfway around the country and it will continue on and strike my city even though it had 5 or more interceptors basically orbiting it the whole time. They didn't even try to hit it, but simply kept circling around it. I don't understand why it was designed to do this. I get that an interceptor could, in theory (if fast enough and capable enough), turn and chase down the warhead. However, I don't get the "circling" thing. It seems pointless to me. If the interceptors are fast enough to orbit around the warhead many times as it is coming in, they should be able to hit it before it strikes my city. Obviously, it is a game/simulator, but I don't get why that isn't more realistic.

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