Alliance data for web via in-game chat?

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Alliance data for web via in-game chat?

Postby VSj » Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:28 pm

As many people know, Dedcon does not log information about alliances made after the game starts. That's why there usually is no alliance information for team games on the dcrec web sites. This sucks. has, for some time now, shown the team colours and the "team x won by y points" note if an admin has set them after the game appeared on the site and lately also if the alliances were made before the game started. Like I think the good old SFCON site does.

It's now possible to save this information in-game too by saying a few magic words.

In any game on Group 6 servers, you can set your own alliance by saying: alliance red or alliance green, alliance yellow and so on.

To make things easier (or confusing and complicated if you like), it is case-insensitive and also works if you prefix it with a forward slash (/). You may also use words like "color", "colour" or "team" instead of "alliance". The alliance may also be expressed by a number: 0=Red, 1=Green, 2=Blue, 3=Yellow, 4=Orange, 5=Turquoise, or the initial letter of those colours ... or actually anything beginning with the initial letters of the colours :D

So... any of the following lines (including but not limited to) should register you in the turquoise alliance:

  • set alliance turq
  • color turqoise
  • /set alliance Turq
  • /set color 5
  • alliance tUrQuoiSe
  • /team set t
  • set team twhateveridontknowhowtospellit

The bot will complain about lines beginning with "/" either requiring admin privileges or being unrecognized. The line gets picked up nevertheless.

At the moment, in order to show the info, the website requires all clients to have an alliance set. For 2v2 and 3v3 it also requires there to be exactly 2 alliances of the same size. In theory we'd of course only need one complete alliance to be able to show the team scores. The commands issued in-game are saved even if not everyone does it. So the displaying logic could be improved later.

In case of trolling, any of the players can also reset the situation at any time by saying:
(The substitutions above apply.)
  • alliance cancel
  • alliance reset
  • alliances reset
  • reset alliances
  • cancel alliances

Has there been something like this before? Was the syntax better? How could it be made better? Will anyone use it? Should others implement this? What should I have used my time on instead? How do the Moomins reproduce? Feel free to give feedback.

I haven't bothered to test it much yet so it may or may not work. But that's ok, if we throw an ugly beta sticker somewhere, right?
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Re: Alliance data for web via in-game chat?

Postby (MOR) » Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:36 pm

You can use it also as a bot text after defcon x "Please set your alliance using /set alliance ID , 0 is for Red, 1 for Green, 2 for Blue, 3 for Yellow, 4 for Orange and 5 for Turq".
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Re: Alliance data for web via in-game chat?

Postby Rad Poison » Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:08 pm

VSj wrote:What should I have used my time on instead?

Use this API , Neural Nets and thousands of recorded matches to create something called OmegaDefcon.
Just imagine this: [CPU] Player 1 beats Baton. ;)
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Re: Alliance data for web via in-game chat?

Postby Eral » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:18 am


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