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Re: Commander Round Table - Gamesmanship Era of Malcontent

Postby ReflectionCoup » Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:52 pm

Dantesinferno wrote:my favourite is to pick a 1 v 21game and then "hide" my navy (subs and Carriers) in the south pole or anywhere really far away from their territory.
I pretend to be a noob and put 1-2 silos in radar range and send in my two battleship groups of 6
They go crazy bombing me to sh*t but when they have got my population down to under 1million then they wonder about my navy.
"wheres your subs" they type into chat
I hold the clock and it wont go to victory timer unless they find my navy.
I then spend time making sure it stays far from reach.
They tend to get real mad when they realise this game will never ever end.
Me I giggle like a lil schoolgirl - winding them up in chat until they quit out of fustration.

Thats my kinda gamesmans ship - what do you think of them apples commander snakey?

Perfectly acceptable for me ... I love that image, you giggling like a little schoolgirl, very naughty indeed.

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