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***** BREAKING NEWS *****

Postby DefconNews » Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:25 am

This just in:

Reports are coming in that following the moderator removal Election, that NONE of the moderators have been removed from their duties. An inside source with Introversion (IV) is telling the Defcon News Network (DNN) that John came to the decision after careful consideration.

The Election was held after there was numerous complaints of abuse of power by the moderators, most specifically Kudayta, after multiple controversial decisions, most notably the banishment of Baton from the forums. Baton's ban was not so controversial, it was Kudayta's unwavering fortitude towards the subject. After several attempts to unban him, Kud would simply just ban him back. Batons ban was for controversial remarks, and more importantly the defamation and slander of other users.

Baton was recently unbanned by DTNC Vicious, the forums Admin, citing Christmas spirit as the sole reason for un-banning him. However, in Baton's first post back on the forums, he maliciously attacked Endless (again) and his profession. It seems that Kudayta's ban may have been the best, seeing as Baton was unable to keep his god damned mouth shut (metaphorically speaking).

In more controversy, after the Election began several new accounts were made. Most of them voted towards keeping kudayta from being removed from his duties. This narrowly beat out the margin for having him removed. Kudayta was unable to be reached for comment, but must be elated.

The election was spearheaded by a returning MOR, who was dormant for two years. Arguably the best player to play the game, MOR was upset that Baton was not only banned in the first place, but not allowed back. This led to multiple threads being made about basically the same subject of kudayta's "power abuse." Once they had run their course, Kud would lock the thread, only to have another created in its place.

While Kudayta may have won his part of the election, hard days are sure to come as the Liberation from Kudayta Front will continue to protest for change. Change is unlikely to happen, as no one outside of the defcon community cares for the 8 year old game anymore. It will make good for some interesting conversations though, and DNN will be there to cover them all.

More Election updates to come...
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Re: ***** BREAKING NEWS *****

Postby Colytic » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:52 pm

I think you missed out the most thrilling development, which is that apparently everybody is now a moderator...


kudayta's parting gift? God save us all.
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Re: ***** BREAKING NEWS *****

Postby trickser » Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:05 pm

My new super powers tell me the OP is endless.
But the weirdness of "keep his god damned mouth shut (metaphorically speaking)" already spoiled it for me.

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