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LarrySilverstein -Epic Failure of Humanity

Postby Isonoe » Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:54 am

I just got out of a game (Paranoia UK Dedcon) with quite an interesting individual.

The game included future Darwin Award winner LarrySilverstein (Africa), PUNK (Asia), Deathseeker (Europe), Rayearth (North America), 4U2NV Kuku (South America), and me, Isonoe (Russia).

It was a usual Defcon game until Defcon 4, where the only one left on 1x speed was Larry Silverstein. I typed "Speed?" in the text box, noting the abnormally long set up time. "Shut up", from Larry. Two or so minutes pass and some thumb twiddling later, I ask again. "Speed?". I must have majorly struck a nerve, cut the red wire instead of the blue wire, or something huge, because this guy just exploded. He said "I hope you have a lot of fucking time because I'm keeping the speed at 1x" (multiple other swears omitted). Swears flew out of his internet-mouth like a sailor on Jerry Springer. He cussed out my sexuality, my gender, several people in my family (said my mom was a crack whore, dad was a thief "like me"). Telling him to "chill out", "it's just a game", "you're supposed to have fun! D:<" only made him more irate. The other players told him to chill out too, but he snapped at them as well.

Notable quotes:

"Well, since you're so good at predicting the future, can I get next week's lottery numbers? I could use the ten million"

"Enjoy office mode!"
"Office mode is with no sound, not 1x speed. -_-'"
*Spams channel*

After playing with him for twenty minutes he grew tiresome and I used the handy /ignore command. Others continued to argue with him but I told them "Don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". The channel was a lot quieter after I muted him.

So it was settled. Everyone against LarrySilverstein. Everyone but South America joined up in our coalition against the asshat. Traitor

Defcon 1 hits (finally), and I go all out. Unfortunately my navy was off of Singapore so it couldn't be as much of a help as I wanted. I did launch my silos and bombers though. I took out Cairo, his airbases, some radar, and some other towns. Larry launched, and, surprisingly enough, all his nukes were sent at me. The guy holds quite a grudge.

North America and South America brawled, Europe attacked from the west, Asia attacked from the east. Larry was decimated.

I quit and tried to rejoin; I wanted to see if he was doing 1x speed to spite me and would go 5x if I left. Unfortunately, the way Defcon's game system worked meant I had to download the entire game upto that point. I quit when it was 1/3rd done receiving. I didn't want to come in that bad.

I left in first place with about 70 points. I think Asia had second with about 30 points, and Europe with 20. Larry had -40.

Here's an image from the game. Nothing really going on, just proves I didn't make things up. Didn't cross my mind to make more (' _ ').


Avoid this wanker at all costs. If you see him, go the other way.

TL;DR : Asshat LarrySilverstein ruins game by bullying/swearing at others and keeping the game firmly stuck at 1x speed.
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Postby kentuckyfried » Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:47 am

I specced that game for a bit and this Larry sounded like any other of those retarded children that wank it to ruining the game experience for others.

Just to let you know, you can change your name at any point in this game, in the lobby and even in-game with a command. Next time Larry Silverstein will be acting the little asshole under a different name.
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Postby bert_the_turtle » Tue Jul 17, 2007 6:55 am

This guy's name always seems to contain Larry. Of course, there are bound to be some innocent Larry out there, so this information still is useless.

Who admins Paranoia UK!? a) the slowdown budget would have prevented this and b) I want this guy´s keyID :)

Edit, from the radar defense logs:

Code: Select all

14:44:31: Login request from, version="1.43", keyID=72409 : accepted, ID = 3.
14:44:32: team creation request from client 3 received.
14:44:33: New name for client 3 : LarrySilverstein
14:45:10: client 3 (LarrySilverstein) disconnected.
Of course, he didn't do anything there, so this may be an innocent Larry. However, that keyID also appears with the name "Zyclon B", who certainly is not innocent (demo mode server):

Code: Select all

15:19:16: Login request from, version="1.42", keyID=72409 : accepted, ID = 3.
15:19:23: team creation request from client 3 received.
15:19:24: New name for client 3 : Zyklon B
15:19:58: client 3 (Zyklon B) : where are you guys from?
15:21:00: client 3 (Zyklon B) : ric, why do you put all twelve subs
15:21:08: client 3 (Zyklon B) : above uk like that?
15:22:02: client 3 (Zyklon B) : af
15:22:02: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdfs
15:22:02: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fsd
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fs
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : df
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sd
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fds
15:22:03: client 3 (Zyklon B) : f
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sd
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fsa
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : f
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:04: client 3 (Zyklon B) : ads
15:22:05: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fsad
15:22:05: client 3 (Zyklon B) : f
15:22:05: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:16: client 3 (Zyklon B) : dsaf
15:22:17: client 3 (Zyklon B) : ds
15:22:21: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fas
15:22:26: client 3 (Zyklon B) : fsd
15:22:31: client 3 (Zyklon B) : f
15:22:36: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:41: client 3 (Zyklon B) : sdf
15:22:44: client 3 (Zyklon B) disconnected.

He also used the names "Dr Rob Faurisson", "Arthur Butz" and, aha, "Rgr Rabbit" on my servers. So much for the "Larry" theory. But he didn't do anything noteworthy with those names. Anyway, the above log is enough proof for me to justify a ban on my servers. It shouldn't be for you, because I could have made it up :)

The recorded IPs he connected from where, and

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