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Would you be interested and participate in "underused features" tournaments?

Sign me up right now. I am the master of odd defcon settings.
Pfft, those game options really aren't worth looking into.
Other opinion, which I'll state :
I just had to be different. I'm sorry
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Postby creator » Sat Jun 23, 2007 5:03 pm

torig wrote:
creator wrote:I think a 2vs2 ladder would be great...I think it is one of the best modes. But i think it would go the same way as the tounament...with people unable to play.

That's why I'd try and make it very loose. Like: no fixed teams (people rotate teaming up with others), no fixed ladder as it were. Just teams battling it out, and the winning team gets a point (both players). Players who have the highest score are the best team players.
It's not really "the best team" winning, but that would take considerable commitment from all involved to play :( :?

Creator if we get this thing going I'd gladly be a team buddy of yours. Or trying to defend my team against yours :P

Yeh i really like this idea...the only problem is if you have it that loose then people could play far more games than more skilled players and get more points...but if you kept track of how many games people have played you could have a win percentage as well as a point total.

And it would be great to be on your team...or to destryo your team :-)

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