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by ScareyedHawk
Thu Sep 18, 2003 9:26 am
Forum: General
Topic: Iditos
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Well! Now everyone is happy and apologizing the n00bs! So, I am... not really a n00b but I've been playing this game awhile, but I ALWAYS get caught when i'm robbing a bank. WTF AM I DOING WRONG!!!!!
Please mail the answer to
by ScareyedHawk
Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:34 pm
Forum: The Future
Topic: Getting robbed.
Replies: 7
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Yeah, he is right there... I think... aww man... opps, sorry, I was just thinking about banks... I hate banks... They always make me forget to remove the logs so that the motherf****s will passive trace me... F**K!!!!!!
NOTE: Note that I use a lot of "..."
by ScareyedHawk
Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:23 pm
Forum: The Future
Topic: My ideas
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Damn it Darksun... That was the best reply i've ever red. Congratulations! You are the winner!
by ScareyedHawk
Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:19 pm
Forum: The Latest Patch
Topic: left shift + home
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You know, wow... You're actually right on this one (no offence, ok? good). This is my opinion, the text should still be there in the next patch... or the next-next orany other patch. But when you press in the box, then the text should disappear at once. That's makes stuff easier. Right? ^_^

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