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by trickfred
Thu Apr 28, 2005 2:47 am
Forum: Windows Issues
Topic: Squad/teleport problem! New one!
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ElDiablo: I just did it as well. The 2 dishes on the same island are aligned for 2 way transport, the one on the Yard trunk port isnand is aligned to send one way to the further of the two - but I don't need to click on the 'B' dish for the squad to be flung out into the water - I keep them selected...
by trickfred
Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:57 pm
Forum: Mod Projects
Topic: Darwinia: The Wandering Souls [SPOILER WARNING]
Replies: 16
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Damnit! I had come up with a nearly identical idea [with a bit of a twist at the end, but still not quite different enough from this to not look like copying] just today, and came here looking for tips on using the Mod Editor - good thing I did, or I'd look pretty stupid releasing it here later. I g...
by trickfred
Sun Apr 24, 2005 2:13 am
Forum: General
Topic: rising soul screensaver
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Awesome. Thanks for the work you put into it!

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