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by TheXWolf
Wed Feb 19, 2003 11:02 pm
Forum: Hints and Tips
Topic: The Game Bible's?
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Quote: from DarkSaber on 6:46 am on Feb. 14, 2003[br]Does Anyone Else Think That Uplink Might Have Too Many Secrets?

I haven't been in the forum in a while I used to be hre 24/7, I've been looking around and I must say that DarkSaber is one of the few smart ones left. Way to go! :o
by TheXWolf
Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:42 pm
Forum: General
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Views: 2238 one(no, I'm not going to cheat, I already PAID for the game) I'll find a way to e-mail thier person in charge. Really name one, I haven't seen any??????
by TheXWolf
Thu Mar 14, 2002 2:50 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Blonde Jokes
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raven...either have your wings clipped or shut up and take a joke. Gaezzzzz :o:o:o:o:o:o

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