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by Foxman
Wed Aug 21, 2002 4:20 pm
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Topic: I need experienced help
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What are you doing that's so evil? Did you warez a copy or something? Even if you did, I don't think too many companies would be willing to go to so much trouble just to arrest one person. BTW - this isn't really a troubleshooting board. If you don't get a response (which is quite likely), go to a n...
by Foxman
Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:26 pm
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Topic: FAQ
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My first BUMP!
by Foxman
Tue Aug 20, 2002 5:15 pm
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Topic: Hi, I Have A Question For The Forum
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I agree with you wholeheartedly, WolfPack, but from what I've observed, it's probably not going to happen. There are always people who are - and sometimes want to be - hated by everyone, be they assholes/trolls (Omega Phlux), board format messer-uppers (Trojan_X, moo), code card/gamebible password p...
by Foxman
Tue Aug 20, 2002 10:54 am
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Topic: How Many People..
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I don't really play it anymore, except when <hint> the UHL challenge comes out, at which point I'll play it obsessively for ours on end, declining any form of sustenance. </hint>

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by Foxman
Mon Aug 05, 2002 2:53 pm
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Topic: The Oldest/Youngest Hacker in Town??????
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I'm 13, 14 in May.

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