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by ArekRashan
Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:56 pm
Forum: The Full Game
Topic: What did I do wrong?
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The mistake was transferring money to an account you owned and not deleting the statement log soon enough. Let's assume that the bank has 5 accounts: A, B, C, D and X - X being the account you created. What you did was: Transfer A > X Delete log in statement 'A' Transfer B > X Delete log in statemen...
by ArekRashan
Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:12 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Game Over
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No. There is no way to restore a disavowed Agent. Uplink uses a "do-or-die" or "ironman" style save system. When Uplink shows you a "Game Over" screen it has deleted all of the save data for that Agent. In the future, you may want to make a backup of your save file any ...
by ArekRashan
Thu Mar 08, 2007 8:25 pm
Forum: The Full Game
Topic: 11 Awards
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Okay, after mucking about quite a bit I got both Backfire and Maidenflight. The trick is to complete Maidenflight in its entirety (including responding to the mission document to inform ARC that you've hosed the Arunmor ISS) before you receive the first email from Arunmor. Then you can send Revelati...
by ArekRashan
Thu Mar 08, 2007 3:57 am
Forum: The Full Game
Topic: Bank problem
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But I didn't think you needed to crack the admin to transfer money ... do you? No. This is the minimum requirement for bank hacking: Log Deleter 4.0 Proxy Disable 5.0 Password Breaker It's really dead simple. 1. Do missions until you have sufficient rating to accept a 'Trace Balance Transfer' missi...

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