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by Cochonou
Sat Nov 11, 2006 5:55 pm
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Topic: Looking for Linux Testers?
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What about supporting Linux/PPC ? :p
(yes, I can always deam on) :)
by Cochonou
Sun Oct 22, 2006 9:42 am
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Topic: Passive Sonar
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Also, subs in passive mode will be spotted by active mod subs, or antisub carriers, because each of these units is emitting pings, which bound off of the passive subs. In reality, there are two kinds of sonar: active and passive. Passive sonar consists in listening to the sounds produced by others ...
by Cochonou
Mon Oct 02, 2006 3:42 pm
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Topic: improvement: ETA for impact .... flight patch projection
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Chess wouldn't require more skill if the board was invisible
Blind Chess is very challenging.
by Cochonou
Thu Sep 28, 2006 5:12 pm
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Topic: Similarities to Diplomacy
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Are there any other Dip players around?

Oh, yes. I have not stabbed anyone for a long time, however I am still eager to play. :)
by Cochonou
Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:00 pm
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Topic: EMP
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Just for fun: P.S. Just a quick thought on EMP itself: the EMP blast from a nuclear warhead would fry most electronics, but I bet that any nuclear silos or other bits of hardware would be well hardened against EMP. One of the first target of these EMP blasts would not be silos, but communication and...
by Cochonou
Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:39 pm
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Topic: General ICBM and nuke Info - updated
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Neutron "radiation" is not a natural radiation, meaning it does not result from natural matter radioactive decay. That's not totally exact. There are several isotopes that will emit neutrons during their decay. On the top of my head, Beryllium-13 is one of these isotopes (which is also ve...

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