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by Xynobis
Thu Jan 24, 2002 3:00 am
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Topic: Protovision Game Server... ?
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Here's a major hint.

Watch the movie 'Wargames'. Not only will you be watching a very choice flick, you'll get your password for the game server.
by Xynobis
Wed Jan 23, 2002 4:40 am
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If you can't afford it, you cant have it. Isn't that a fundamental rule of money? What you're doing is like, say, walking into the Sony Store, taking a look at some top-end entertainment system, and then asking the manager if he knows a simple way to sneak it out of the store. Stupid, no? Don't have...
by Xynobis
Tue Jan 22, 2002 2:25 pm
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Topic: Best Hacking Film?
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As far as current 'hacker' movies go, Wargames is basically the only one that wasn't a total joke. Tell me, though, that [url =] This [/url] wouldn't be the end-all to hacker movies if it was pulled off. Gibson's stories with Chris Cunningham's totally mes...

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