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by agent glitch
Thu Mar 04, 2004 11:09 pm
Forum: Uplink in Moderation
Topic: Lazarus
Replies: 22
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i think nukeIp should be a secret program being developed by the government (or any other shady organizatiion) and that the ONLY way to get it is thru intensive hacking.... let's say... the data is transferred to multple fortified servers on a SCHEDULE... (you might try hacking the servers just to l...
by agent glitch
Thu Mar 04, 2004 9:51 pm
Forum: The Latest Patch
Topic: left shift + home
Replies: 41
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er.. i guess everyone agrees that the database (search engine) in uplink suxx.. also why aren't there any WOMEN in the databases??..... is the whole friggin' world populated by just men?... not all hackers are guys ya know?... also.. are the people with no pictures agents just like you? why don't TH...
by agent glitch
Thu Mar 04, 2004 9:22 pm
Forum: Hints and Tips
Topic: what is the fundament of hacking a bank
Replies: 15
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of course... anything REALLY useful for hacking will NEVER be in books... for all this talk about how "knowledge is free"  real hackers hardly share ANYTHING  even to their peers.....

still much TOO bored to die...

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