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by the white club
Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:41 pm
Forum: General
Topic: patch-install
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and dont forget to use de damn search button :)
it'll always help you
by the white club
Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:37 pm
Forum: General
Topic: patch-install-winzip
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you need to unzip the file to the uplink directory, and after that just start uplink, and make a new character

and plz post your ingame question in the hints and tips forum, its made to post that kind of questions
by the white club
Wed Sep 03, 2003 5:51 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Here we go again...
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can i have tha cola now, tabasco boy,

i'm really thursty

( sorry for my (real) bad english, but i'm a 13 year old belgian boy, and i don't have english lessons yet)
by the white club
Sat Aug 23, 2003 2:42 pm
Forum: General
Topic: lan is not viewing right
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well, i used the ULC and maked a lan for putting a couple of files  on it, but when i used lan probe on it, it just screwed up... doh
if you wanna see the txt code of this lan, just say it, i'll put here

btw: is used the search button, but nobody seems to know how to fix this :(
by the white club
Thu Aug 21, 2003 8:05 pm
Forum: General
Topic: book 1, p. 25
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What is the meaning of all that characts. at page 25 of the first book of the gamebible :s ????????????
it are just ... letters....

chris: what does this means???

sorry for my bad english, but i'm belgian, 13, and NOT a n00b !!!!

by the white club
Tue Aug 19, 2003 3:47 pm
Forum: The Latest Patch
Topic: Zijn hier ook Nederlandse Uplink-spelers?
Replies: 65
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JEEEEE, er zijn hier nog belge en nederlandspratende !!!!!!!


BTW: i'm not saying a word that is against english, just in case anyone would think that

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