Introversion Badges

Beta Test Badges

Beta Match Winner Badge
Win a Beta Test Match

Darwinia Beta Test Badge
Participated in the Darwinia Beta Test

Darwinia Developer Badge
Darwinia / Multiwinia source code owner

Defcon Beta Test Badge
Participated in the Defcon Beta Test

Multiwinia Beta Test Badge
Participated in the Multiwinia Beta Test

Bug Crusher
Use the Prison Architect bug tracker.

Uplink Developer Badge
Participated in Uplink Development

Forum Badges

Friend of IV Badge
Met an Introversion staff member

Bronze Loyalty Badge
Member for 1 year

Silver Loyalty Badge
Member for 2 years

Gold Loyalty Badge
Member for 5 years

Platinum Loyalty Badge
Member for 7 years

Silver Posts Badge
Posted 100 times

Platinum Posts Badge
Posted 1000 times

Bronze Posts Badge
Posted 50 times

Gold Posts Badge
Posted 500 times

Uber Posts Badge!
Posted 5000 times

Game Badges

Face in Game
Face in Game (Prison Architect)

Name in Game
Name in Game (Prison Architect)

Purchased the Polaroid Prison Architect Tier

Purchased the Warden Tier (Prison Architect)